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Creative Brief

Motion Design Video For IMAX 4DX

Our digital agency has been approached by IMAX 4DX, a globally recognized leader in cinematic experiences, to create an engaging and captivating motion design video. IMAX 4DX requires a motion design video that showcases its groundbreaking cinema technology in a concise yet powerful manner. The objective is to highlight the immersive experiences offered by IMAX 4DX, enticing potential customers to visit their theaters and enjoy movies like never before.

The task involves creating a storyboard that effectively communicates the key features of IMAX 4DX in a visually striking way. Our digital agency is thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with IMAX 4DX on this exciting motion design project.


We were asked to work out a new motion design branding video for IMAX 4DX.


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Motion Design



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